As you may remember, each of the 141 members of the General Assembly serves on one of six committees that address issues ranging from the state’s budget to healthcare to education and beyond. As a member of the Ways and Means Committee, Delegate Anne Kaiser has had the opportunity to work on landmark bills on a range of pressing issues, including education policy, tax reform and slots. You can follow her legislation on line at www.mlis.state.md.us

Delegate Anne Kaiser is also proud to represent our district’s interests in important subcommittees that address education policy and welfare reform. As a member of the County Affairs Committee for Montgomery County, Delegate Anne Kaiser had the good fortune to work on our local needs and interests.

Delegate Anne Kaiser looks forward to continuing to represent your interests in the Maryland House of Delegates in the next term. Please call on Delegate Anne Kaiser if she can ever be helpful to you. Please contact her legislative office by phone: 301-858-3036 or
by e-mail: anne.kaiser@house.state.md.us